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Mediamatic, a Dutch research lab concerned with the influence of new technologies on society and culture, visited Izmir last week in the context of PORT IZMIR 3 Triennial. Presenting a two day workshop on “Miniponics”, Mediamatics introduced an aquaponic installation consisting of little more than a PET bottle, rope and some bamboo. Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of fish and vegetables. It is a closed vertical system that utilizes natural bacteria cycles to convert fish waste into vegetable nutrients. Suitable for offices, for living rooms and for the narrow balconies, miniponic installations are likely to be the best way to produce food in the city. Unlike traditional agriculture, miniponics wastes no water, doesn’t need any fertilizer and its vertical design takes up very little space.

Check out this nifty little Aquaponics set up

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